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Our new mobile application helps to train you to think like an engineer in three-dimensional space.

machinator iphone
Have you been haunted since childhood about motorcycles? Did you always want to try to take apart and reassemble machines? Did you love to glue model airplanes or put together jigsaw puzzles?

For anyone with a passion related to the design, ASCON produces the Machinator game assembler for mobile devices. Machinator is from the Latin for “inventor,” and is a mobile game app that helps to develop engineering thinking in three-dimensional space.

This mobile construction app provides an environment of timed assemblies of fascinating three-dimensional models with differing degrees of complexity, from intersecting cubes to helicopters. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
The app has its own store where players can select and download more 3D models as puzzles and then assemble them. The store has free models as well as more intricate ones for purchase. All models have the necessary details and parts sufficient for assembly, be it a microscope, motorcycle, or transformer robot.

Assemblies are timed. In case of difficulty, players can opt to be access a clue but at the cost of a time penalty. Players can post their results to share with other players on the Facebook account page. Every month, ASCON will total the results and then recognize the fastest inventors.
If you know how to work with 3D modeling systems, then you won’t find it hard to create your own models using KOMPAS-3D or KOMPAS-3D Home. Make a model, and then upload it to the store to include it in the game.
In the near future, the store will accept Machinator models from everyone. While not every model will make it into the store, players who follow ASCON’s recommendations and use their inventive skills will see their many ideas and models appear in public.